The word chikan literary mean embroidery, its is lakhnavi style of embroidery done on thin net type of cloth it is , severel types of stitching pattern is included in this type of embroidery also called lakhnavi chikankari few stitching strokes and types are Tepchi in this type the stitching done is simple but with six thread in a single needle at the same time, Hool; in this type stitching is done very finely insite the boundry sewed by the Tepchi style, Zanzeera; as it sounds it looks like chin and it is also very fine type of stitching mainly used to give floral design to the embroidery pattern; Phanda and Murri it simply means knots used to embroider the centre of the flowers, murri being rice-shaped and phanda millet-shaped. Salwar made up with this artistic pattern looks very royal, goes well with traditional suits and are expensive. This white chikan cotton anarkali style salwar suit in beautiful chicken work detailed with embroidery on neck line paired with silver polka dots churidar and dupatta.

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